How we work

From the first consultation to the final fitting, each Kyna Consili couture dress is meticulously designed, precisely engineered and intricately hand-crafted. 

The Bespoke Kyna Consili Experience

Falling in love can be magical, falling in love with your special dress can be too. 

Tarien Cronje is known for her intricate bespoke creations – ethereal, romantic wedding dresses worn by stylish, modern brides seeking something exciting and unique.

With more than ten years training and experience spanning the realms of costume design, high fashion and couture, Tarien is an extraordinarily skilled dress designer. Her love of fashion history and traditional couture techniques borders on obsession, giving her the knowledge and imagination needed to bring any sartorial vision to life.

How we work

Designing a dress with Kyna Consili is a joyous affair and the renowned service is professional, unhurried and exclusive to every client.

1. The first step towards creating your bespoke wedding dress is a complimentary consultation with Kyna Consili. Over the course of an hour, you’ll discuss every aspect of your gown in detail, from fabric and fit to details and embellishments.

2. Based on what you’ve discussed, Kyna Consili will sketch some initial ideas to help you visualise your wedding dress. A 50% deposit is required before work can commence.

3. Once your measurements have been taken, pattern drafting can begin. Kyna Consili will create a mock-up of your dress in cotton, known as a ‘toile’. This is fitted to the figure, re-shaped and manipulated to map out the design. At this point, it’s unlikely to look anything like your finished gown, so it’s important to trust the process and believe in the magic of couture.

4. At subsequent fittings, Kyna Consili will work with you to perfect the silhouette, drape and positioning of details and embellishments, whatever they may be. Your final dress fitting will take place 2-4 weeks before your wedding day to ensure the best fit.

5. Your beautiful couture wedding dress will be entirely handmade by Kyna Consili and her team. 

Each wedding dress is completely unique and priced as such based on the work involved.

Kyna Consili